Touring the Cabot Trail & Highlands National Park - Genevieve Arseneau

If you haven't been around the Cabot Trail, don't wait any longer, GO! We had a few days to spare during our last visit to Canada, and we decided to pack up the RV, the dogs, our niece Mel and our friend Sophie, and tour the Cabot Trail & Highlands National Park. We should have taken a whole week to properly enjoy it, but I'm happy we went, no matter how short the trip!

Cape Breton coast

We were lucky to have perfect weather, the visibility was endless, the clouds were beautifully scattered, it was perfect! Using my Lee Big Stopper, I was able to produce long exposures which is why the clouds look the way they do! The first two images were both 60 second shots.

All 3 photos shot with a Nikon D800

Happy dogs!

Stewie & Olivia definitely enjoyed their visit to Highlands National Park, the second Canadian National Park they visit! Stewie's favorite type of hiking is on wooden boardwalks. Olivia is willing to go anywhere! As you can see, she will do pretty much anything to get on my lap, even though my camera is in her way!

iPhone photos

Mr Frog

When I originally upgraded from a D300s to a D700 (crop sensor to full frame), I remember giving the following example to my husband: With a D300s, if I shoot a frog in a pond, I'll have a picture of a frog in a pond. But with a D700, being a full frame high resolution camera, I can take that same picture and have a picture of just a frog! Well I finally found my frog! I had never seen one "in the wild" before, but this one made me run back to the car to get my 70-200mm lens. This photo is still cropped quite a bit!

Nikon D800

Majestic Sunset

Cape Breton coast - Nova Scotia, Canada

Before heading to our campground, we were treated to a wonderful sunset! Camera in hand or not, I'm always fascinated by sunrises and sunsets, no matter how often I see them! When I have my camera in hand, I feel like I spend more time admiring the sights!